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The Critics (and Friends...) Rave

“Very enlightening to learn what an oral deaf gay man experiences . . . Congrats on a job well done!”

                               Tom Galey, (Former) Executive Director
                               Deaf Community Services, San Diego, CA

“Thought-provoking, entertaining, funny, moving… I loved the realness of it all.”     
                               Justin Biermann, San Diego, CA

“The dialogue and Bryan’s asides to the audience pulled me into the story…”
                               Jane Young, San Diego, CA

“It taps into universal truths through a gay/deaf experience. But it doesn’t force the audience to agree with any particular point of view… Without the author’s introspection and remarkable sense of humor, the play would not have taken on a life of its own.”
                               Bob Canby, La Mesa, CA

“Honest, informing and intelligently funny... Just go see it!”
                               Kathy Nemeth, Tampa, FL


The author is clearly blessed by generous friends. In the spirit of full disclosure, we include this lonely voice:

“Reads like a gay treatise… Pedestrian… Overwritten – it’s doubtful that much could be helped here…”
                              Owen Ellis, Allendale, MI

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