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Staging Requirements

READING LIPS is presented on a bare stage whose simple props (a table and several chairs) evoke settings ranging from a school chapel to a fireworks celebration to an Upper East Side dinner party. The cast of five includes three men who play the leading roles (Bryan, George and Phillip); a fourth man who plays the remaining male roles; and one woman, who plays all the female roles.

Special note: the script has a few lines of signed dialogue. The entire play is suitable for sign language interpretation to deaf audiences.

  • Presented in two acts, with scenes that flow into each other.
  • Casting requirements: Four men and one woman (one man and the woman play multiple roles)
  • Age ranges:
    Three Men – late 20’s to 30’s.
    One Woman – 30’s to 40’s.
    One Man – late 40’s to 50’s
  • Setting/Props: A table and chairs. All settings are suggested.

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